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Scent’s of Calm – Relaxation and Wellbeing: Luxury Scented Candles

As a mother and also as a full time marketing web guru; I struggle when it comes to ‘down time’. Indeed, I read, and also when I can I enjoy a good film but never really get to the end. When I do have 5 minutes, I like to relax and snuggle on the sofa, light a candle and watch some TV. There is nothing better than a fragranced flame to lift the end of your day and I have tried many. Here’s my top edit when it comes to luxury scented candles.

Luxury Scented Signature Candles – The Top 5

Ancienne Ambiance Bacca Berry

This candle smells absolutely divine and lasts for ages. It has a truly iconic signature scent which I am completely addicted to. Out of all the candles this one always gets people complimenting when they come in the house and it is easy to see why. The ultimate in relaxation these luxury scented candles are a complete game changer.

Diptique Lys Lily Candle

Being a lover of fresh cut flowers, this Diptique candle hits the list also with its floral finish. A lovely fresh scent which I use a fair bit in the kitchen and bathroom.

Ancienne Ambiance Tuberosa Tuberose

A seductive floral with a signature finish, this fragrance is sublime. I usually use this one when hosting dinner. These candles not only kick in the fragrance department, but also in the zen zone.

Luxury Scented Candles Floral

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