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Fox Earrings

I have to admit, I am very selective when it comes to jewellery. It takes me ages to find something to attach to – but when I do – it lives on me – which is why I always see jewellery as an investment piece.

My favourite brand is Pyrrha for their edgy wax seal talismans – (equally there customer service is amazing!)

What I will say however, is that I was scoping the web for some stud fox earrings, something with an edge – silver as always to work with my talismans and my Camden market ring (that I have had since I was around 17!) I came across these sterling silver fox earrings from Lily Charmed and well at 29.99 I snapped them up. I was a little dubious as to what I would receive as the price plus ordering off a new website – I wasn’t sure! However – I was very pleasantly surprised. Bag yourself some fox earrings today by Lily Charmed – totally worth it!

Fox Stud Earrings

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