Hi I’m Kelly Lloyd née CorreiaKelly Lloyd - Life's Little Kicks

31, Colchester based Developer, Marketing genie and of course luxury lover! I live at home with my husband and little boy Jackson who is now 2 and a half! As well as my lovable dogs Bella (aka. ‘Bea’ the cashmere pup) and Alfie. Plus 2 cats, Lionel and Minnie, yes it is a busy house but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I have worked with luxury brands and new fashion labels and have also worked in the industry as a marketing manager for 6 years. I now have my own digital marketing and development company which has been going for 5 years and I couldn’t be happier!




This feed is really for me to express my love for life’s little luxuries and of course life’s little kicks – good or bad! If you want to get in touch please do at my@lifeslittlekicks.com


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